Aqua Sphere

Aqua Sphere has developed a reputation for Technology, Quality and Comfort.

Established in Genoa, Italy, in 1998 Aqua Sphere was launched by Aqua Lung, the world’s leader in scuba diving and snorkeling equipment. Today, with a global footprint in over 60 countries, Aqua Sphere is the premium swim optics manufacturer for fitness and recreational swimming and triathlons. Aqua Sphere is dedicated to meeting the needs of everyday swimmers who enjoy swimming at a variety of levels and for a variety of reasons: fun, fitness, stress relief and more. For Aqua Sphere, people are true swimmers not because of how or why they swim, but because they do swim. With these swimmers in mind, Aqua Sphere created premium swimming products that enhance their experience in every body of water they choose to explore.

Today, Aqua Sphere is focused on developing products that active swimmers, triathletes and water enthusiasts desire. Working with elite athletes such as 4-time Olympian Amanda Beard or Ironman World Champion Faris al Sultan, Aqua Sphere continues to innovate and offers a complete range of swimwear, wetsuits, eyewear and accessories. Aqua Sphere’s commitment to innovation can be found through its patented technologies in eye protection and wetsuits as well as its unique body shaping swimwear and the first compression textile designed for water.

AquaSphere has a great range of fitness goggles for both adults and juniors. Their products are great for those looking for a comfort good quality goggle for triathlons, open water swimming and lap swimming. 

Goggles like the Seal Kid 2 are perfect for your little ones, their comfortable fit and size makes them ideal for swimming lessons and playing around in the pool. 

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