Triathlon Wetsuit Guide 2014

With so many great wetsuit options available to the Triathlete at Tri Shack, we have put some of your options into an easy-to-read table that will hopefully assist you in your decision.

Suit Name Suit Features Thickness Suits RRP
Orca RS1Predator  orca-rs1 Almost full-body coverage of 44 cell Yamamoto neoprene, Nano Ice coating, Uses EXO-CELL2 (25% more buoyant than Aerodrome) on Lumbar providing core buoyancy and stability 2mm arms and shoulders, 3mm on calves and forearms Those who have a need for speed $949
Huub Archimedes 3.5  huub-arch X-O-Skeleton for built-in spine support, Flexible chest, shoulders and arms, Expanding elbow panels for free bicep movement, over-reaching system assists arms from crossing centre of body, calf release aid kicking and propulsion, breakaway zipper 3mm upper body, 5mm lower Non swimming or minimum swimming background lifts legs $649
Huub Axena  huub-axena The female version of Archimedes.  X-O-Skeleton for support and  improved buoyancy in thighs and hips, over reach panel to reduce cross-over and maintain stroke efficiency, breakaway zipper, the quickest in Triathlon 3mm upper, 5mm lower Non swimming or minimum swimming background lifts legs
Orca Sonar orca-sonar Intermediate level suit, 100% 39 cell neoprene, aerodome on lower back and back legs, hydrolift buoyancy cells 4mm front, 3mm back, 1.5mm shoulders Athletes looking for a step up from entry level suit $449
Huub Aerious  huub-aerious X-O-Skeleton for built-in spine support, flexible chest, shoulders and arms, expanding elbow panels for free bicep movement. Over-reaching system to help keep arms from reaching over midline, flexible achilles/calf, system, breakaway Two versions. For those with good buoyancy 4:4, has 4mm upper and lower body. The 3:5 version those who need legs lifted Athletes looking for a step up from entry level suit $449
Huub Aura Womens  HUUB 'Aura' 3:3 Steamer - Womens Made for Females who have a tendency to have a less leg sinking. X-O Skeleton for body alignment and buoyancy, arm crossover alignment for correct positioning and reduced snaking/Fish tailing in the water, break-away zipper for transition speed 3:3 has 3mm on upper  and lower body, does not lift legs but maintains body position For athletes who have a good body position in the water, whose legs do not sink
Orca S4  orca-s4 Yamamoto 39 cell, full front SCS coating, excellent buoyancy, flexiseal neck, Quadraflex, powerstretch lining, HydroLift Body Panel, speed transition panels, sleeves available 3-4mm full front, 2 mm underarm and   shoulder panels, 3mm back Excellent entry level suit $249
Orca TRN  orca-trn ORCA’s TRN training specific wetsuit, highly flexible for excellent range of motion. Polyester lining to protect the wetsuit from the effects of chlorine and warm water.  Ideal for use in pool training and warmer races. Great training suit for athletes with higher end race wetsuits. 2-2.5mm smooth skin neoprene front and back, 1.5mm shoulders Pool and ocean training, races in warmer water $199
Aropec ‘Smooth Skin’  aropec-smooth-skin Super stretch movement during both training and event competitions. Back zipper & blind-stitched inside. Integrated special printing on chest & arm to guide/divert water flow. Integrated special printing on inferior elbow to increase water friction in paddling 5mm on chest & front thigh3mm back/arm/hip/leg Hardy entry level suit $219