Running Training

Coming from a running background the one thing I notice about triathletes is they tend to neglect speed work. Too much running is done at below race pace.  The less running you do the more you need to do at or above race pace.  If you have only 40 minutes to get a session done, you will get much more reward for your time by doing a repetition set than simply going for a run.

Running Training Schedule
Running Training Schedule

Running repetitions are painful but will give you the greatest fitness reward.  Running will raise your heart rate significantly higher than swimming or cycling.  It also burns more calories and gives you nicer legs.

For those training for a sprint or Olympic distance race below is some suggested sessions.  Do not attempt these unless you have done at least a few weeks of running.  If you have never done any repetition work before, half the number of repetitions and run at 80% effort.

You should ideally include repetition work at least twice a week.   A grass 400m running track or a self-measured circuit in a park is ideal.  If you have to train at night your local athletics club, soccer club or football club may light up their facilities.

By Lizel Moore – ADRENO Tri

Olympic Triathlete