Mooloolaba Triathlon Tips

The Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival will celebrate its 22nd year in 2014.  Being held from the 14th to 16th March, the Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival is recognised as the 2nd largest Triathlon event in Australia.

Not a bad place to race!

This race has proven to be a true measure of your ability as a triathlete over a true Olympic distance course. Traditionally Noosa Tri opens the triathlon season in Queensland and Mooloolaba closes it. Although there are now other races outside these times, Mooloolaba stands tall as a must do race for the serious triathlete. No easy legs on this course.


The swim can be anything come the day. One thing is there is always an option for a canal swim if the surf is up. My bet is it will be a canal swim this year (2014) with the swell predicted to increase over this weekend. Swim tip: Make sure you sight the buoys. Don’t rely on the person in front you to navigate.


This bike ride always seems to be windy. The report is different this year. Seems the Tri Gods are on our side. Light NNW winds are predicted which will mean a nice ride out to the turnaround, with a slight push coming home. Bike Tip: Don’t draft. The road is wide and the “Draft Busters*” can see you from a long way away.

Don’t draft or risk a time penalty from the “Draft Busters”!


This is a challenging run. Don’t be fooled thinking it will be easy. The 2 times up that Alex hill (heading back into Mooloolaba) can be hard. It’s a hill where you never get to see the turnaround from the bottom so all the way up you are looking for it and it’s always further than you thought it was. The run home over the last Km is all downhill. Enjoy the decline and of cause, the Finish Line. Run Tip: Just keep a constant pace up the hills. Eventually you will get to the turn or on the second lap… the top.

Overall, Mooloolaba is a fantastic race. A true indicator of your ability within the sport.

Enjoy the day… I’ll see you out there.

Brett Jackson

Adreno Tri Manager


**Draft Busters are officials on the back of motorbikes that police the bike section of the race. They will give you a time penalty if you are riding too close to the rider in front of you. They also look for any breaching of the rules on the bike.